Welding and Fabrication

At HWI, we can accommodate large and small scale projects for oil and gas, construction and other industries. 

The diverse clientele we service means that HWI can complete one off projects, high volume production runs and large scale industrial projects. Our business supports complex project needs, tailoring our services and equipment to specific project requirements. With drafting, material processing, and welding all under one roof, we can produce better quality products and quick turnaround.

SeaCan Modifications

Harleys Welding Inc. can orivude shipping container modifications to meet your needs.  We can add racking, shelves, mount on a trailer or whatever you need.

OIl Field Skids

At Harleys Welding Inc. we can build oildfiled skill to the most rigorous standards demanded by the oil industry. We can custom build skids for your needs ensuring that they are well-built and safe.

Doghouses for Service Rigs